HDI products include plant nutrients, plant nutrient supplements, and plant cloning products.

The HDI brands available include:

  • Clonex for plant propagation. The Clonex line includes Clonex Rooting Gel, Clonex Mist, Clonex Clone Solution, and Clonex Root Maximizer.
  • Root Riot for seed starting and plant cuttings. Root Riot is available in bags, trays, and bulk boxes.
  • Ionic single-part plant nutrients. Ionic is available in both the original formula for hydroponics, and a formula for soil and soiless media.
  • The Europonic line includes the plant nutrient supplements Nitrozime, Fossil Fuel, and  Silicate, as well as Rockwool Conditioning Solution.
  • MotherPlant two-part plant nutrient for mother plants.
  • GreenFuse plant nutrient supplements are available in Root, Growth, and Bloom.

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