Why You Should Use a Root Booster for Plants

The healthier the roots, the bigger the fruits. Plants that have a strong root system have a better chance of producing the results that make growers proud of their overall harvest and quality of produce.

Establishing a healthy root system is key during the vegetative stage of plant growth. It’s during this time that most of a plant’s growth is going to happen.

To ensure a plant is getting the maximum amount of nutrients and water, adding a plant root booster product will help the plant achieve its maximum growth potential.

What Is a Root Booster?

A plant root booster, such as Clonex Root Maximizer, a mycorrhizae fungus product, expands the overall reach of a plant’s roots. Typically, the relationship between a root booster and the plant’s root system is symbiotic. This means that they work together to keep each other healthy.

Mycorrhizae is a beneficial, or good, root fungus. It works by enveloping the plant roots and creating an extended reach for the roots. This helps them to absorb even more minerals and water from the soil than they can without it.

In exchange, the plant gives carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins to the mycorrhizae. The fungus uses these nutrients for its own growth and to create and release molecules into the soil. These molecules aid in enriching the soil and enhancing the soil’s structure.

Benefits of a Root Booster

The relationship between a plants roots and Mycorrhizae can encourage plant growth and stimulate root development. In addition, the mycorrhizae can aid in making the plant more resilient to disease and other stresses such as drought.

Mycorrhizae in particular, help the plant uptake more of two important nutrients for plants, Nitrogen and Phosphorus. The N and P in the NPK formula.

When using a root booster that contains Mycorrhizae, you’ll want to pay attention to the type of species contained in the product. Not all species benefit all plants, so it’s ideal to know the difference.

Endomycorrhizae vs. Ectomycorrhizae

Endomycorrhizae benefit the majority of plants, whether they’re vegetables, fruits, herbs or flowers. Endomycorrhizae is an arbuscular mycorrhiza, meaning it penetrates the walls of the plant roots in addition to growing around the roots.

Ectomycorrhizae on the other hand, mainly benefit Conifer and Oak trees. They are not beneficial to most plants and only live outside of the plant roots. They will not penetrate the root cell walls.

For the majority of growers, excluding conifer and oak tree growers, a root booster with Endomycorrhizae will aid their plants in achieving impressive growth and maximum yields.

Clonex Root Maximizer - Root Booster MycorrhizaeThere you have it, the reasons why you should be using a root booster in your garden. From enhanced nutrient uptake to protection against pathogens, a mycorrhizae product such as Clonex Root Maximizer will give your roots the boost they need.