MotherPlant nutrients are a two-part nutrient line that provides the ideal diet for mother, or stock plants.

Mother plants do not need excess nitrates, and MotherPlant nutrients account for this. They contain the nutritional needs of mother plants without excess nitrates.

In addition, they contain bio-organics which help to improve the plant’s ability to uptake nutrients resulting in strong, vibrant clones.

A good mother plant fertilizer should provide enough nitrogen to support a healthy root to shoot ratio, but not so much nitrogen that the plant has to burn up most of its stored sugars just to assimilate the nitrates.  This two-part plant nutrient supports a healthy mother plant. Learn more about the science behind MotherPlant® Nutrients.

In short, whether you are a backyard greenhouse hobbyist or a professional commercial plant grower, MotherPlant Nutrients will help your mother plant, or stock plant, produce the most vigorous plant clones possible!

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