Commercial Size Plant Nutrients

Commercial size plant nutrients are available through distributors of Hydrodynamics International products and where hydroponic supplies are sold. HDI offers sizes including 55 gallon drums and totes for the majority of its products.

Commercial grow operators know that purchasing larger sizes of plant nutrients and supplements is a smart cost-saving measure. That’s why HDI is now offering the popular ClonexIonic, Europonic, and MotherPlant brands in larger, commercial sizes.

Choose from either 5 gallon bottles, 55 gallon drums, or totes. Each size is priced competitively to ensure a cost-efficient option is available to large-scale growers.

Commercial growers can also purchase bulk boxes of Root Riot Plant Starter Cubes. The Root Riot 1500 count bulk box is available where hydroponic supplies are sold.

Commercial Size Plant Nutrients

The following are the current HDI products available in commercial sizes. Contact us with questions regarding commercial size plant nutrients including inquiries for tote size plant nutrients.

Now available in 55 gallon drum sizes:


Clonex Clone Solution


Ionic Grow | Ionic Bloom | Ionic PK Boost

Ionic Grow for Soil | Ionic Bloom for Soil


MotherPlant A | MotherPlant B

Root Riot Plant Starter Cubes

Root Riot Plant Starter Cubes are available in 1500 count box